What's DOGTAG all about?

DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance — We're more than just travel insurance. Uniquely, we issue every insured person a personalized stainless steel Dogtag which could be vital in an emergency. It has:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Information — you'll always have emergency contact numbers handy you when you travel.
  • Your name and your unique DOGTAG identity number — this means you can easily identify yourself if you need to call us, and you won't need paperwork.Some description
  • The DOGTAG Emergency Web Address & Phone Number — this enables medical provider to log into your personal read-only emergency page and find important information you've chosen to display. This can:
    • • prove you have current insurance
    • • display your next of kin's contact details
    • • provide your doctor's contact details
    • • list vital medical information such as your blood type, previous medical history, or current medications.

Our Sports Coverage:  DOGTAG offers a complete sports list with an easy-to-use sports selector so you can easily choose the best coverage for your needs.

All of this is unique to DOGTAG, and it's vital in an emergency.

Everything you need to know about DOGTAG

Who and What is DOGTAG?

DOGTAG® is a registered trademark and trading style of Dogtag Ltd. We sell travel insurance. Our Registered Office is 167-169 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PF (Co. Reg. No 3886668), and our Business Address is 303 Congressional Blvd. Carmel, Indiana 46032 USA.

100% Proof Travel Insurance refers to our Dogtag-based Proof and Medical Emergency system that accompanies your contract of insurance for travel medical coverage. It is subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions described in the Plan Document.
Check below for more information on how the tag system works.

What does 100% Proof Travel Insurance mean?

*100% Proof Travel Insurance refers to our proof of insurance (your personalized Dogtag) and our Medical Emergency system. It does not form part of your contract of insurance, which is subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions described in the Plan Document.

So how does the 100% system work?
When you travel abroad, you may be in a country with standards that differ from those in your home country. Foreign clinics want to know they will be paid for treating you BEFORE they treat you. With DOGTAG, you can prove you're insured. You simply wear your stainless steel Dogtag around your neck! Let's face it, you won't be going surfing with your insurance documents tucked into your swimsuit! Our web-based verification system quickly proves to a foreign medical provider that you are covered. If your provider is still not convinced, he or she can view our contact details on your tag and your emergency web page. Time is crucial! Take it from us, foreign clinics WILL want to know you are covered before they start any treatment — it happened to us, and it's why we invented DOGTAG.

Your stainless steel Dogtag is laser engraved with your name, your personal Dogtag number and our emergency phone number and web address. By accessing your Medical information Page a medical provider or other privileged person can view a read-only page with details about your insurance coverage. They can also view any relevant medical information you choose to make available. See below for more information.

Medical Information Page

By using your membership log-in and password, you can access your Medical Information file and enter details you think may be useful to a medical provider in an emergency.

When you log in, you get full read/write access to your file. A medical provider, using your Dogtag, will be able to see a read-only version of the information you choose to display. This information might include items such as your blood type, any medications you take, or allergies you may have. You can also display your next of kin. Of course, your Dogtag is needed to access this information, so wear it at all times when you're travelling.

Sports Coverage

As sports enthusiasts (skiers, divers, climbers), the founders of DOGTAG understand that with ordinary travel insurance, it's just about impossible for you to find out what you're actually insured to do. It's all buried in the small print, if it's there at all. If you're an active, sports-oriented person, more than likely you'll be traveling specifically to take part in your favorite sport, or if you're just putting your feet up, you'll be tempted to try something you've never tried before. In either case, you need to know if you're insured to do it.

All you have to do is go online and check your sport coverage level (Sport, Sport+, Extreme, or Extreme+)  against our Sports list to see if you're covered. If you're not covered for the sport you want to try, don't worry! Contact us, and we can upgrade your coverage.

Your DOGTAG policy automatically provides standard coverage for a huge list of sports. Check the Sports List, and you'll see how extensive it is. The standard Sport level of Dogtag covers a host of sports as standard. Of course, some sports are riskier than others, but we do still cover them — that's why we have higher levels of coverage: Sport+, Extreme and Extreme+.

When you need a quote, just type in your sport, and the system will automatically select the correct coverage level for you.

So what do you get with DOGTAG?

Along with your Dogtag, you get our Medical Information system, proof of insurance, and an emergency medical file. In fact, there's a lot of extras DOGTAG provides:

  • Stainless Steel Dogtag
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Emergency Information Page

Whether you're traveling alone, with your family, or in a group, you'll want to keep your travel insurance information together. Your DOGTAG travel package contains your Dogtags (of course), your travel insurance plan document (it explains your benefits and coverage in detail), as well as an ID card.