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100% Proof Travel Insurance.

Travel medical insurance for action-minded travelers.


WHAT WE DOTravel Medical Insurance

DOGTAG has been providing travel insurance to adventurers in the UK since 1999. As adventurers ourselves, we understand what you need from a travel insurance company. If you’ve had a hard time finding a plan to cover your sport, look no further! We cover over 500 different sports and activities.

Fast Forward to 2018! DOGTAG teams up with Trawick International to offer adventure sports coverage to travelers all over the world.    

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WHAT YOU GETPersonalized proof of coverage

As well as Travel Insurance, every insured person gets their own Dogtag Membership which gives access 24/7 Emergency Assistance contact details and access to your own vital emergency information area 

Our newest form of emergency identity is the Dogtag App which gives access to your emergency file via your mobile device. If you’re in a place where it would be better to have a physical Dogtag then we will soon have new upgrade options for the NFC Dogtag, NFC Helmet Stickers and NFC Card.

Why choose Us?

WHY IT MAKES SENSEEverywhere you go

Your DOGTAG insurance follows you when you travel 100 miles or more from home and covers you for accidents 24/7. Our assistance team is a phone call away, ready to help if you need it.

And if the worst happens, this is where your DOGTAG Emergency Identity System comes in. Either with the Dogtag App or the optional Classic Dogtag, your insurance and medical history details are with you at all times. G ood stuff to have in an emergency.

Make it your first level of protection

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